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Where next for Eye Tracking and Human Factors?  


If you are interested in what seems to be the next step in our research then check out this interview with SMI and Melissa.

 September 27th 2016


In the coming weeks, the Scene Grammar Lab will be visiting the Laboratory for Multimodal Neuroimaging (LMN) at the University of Marburg.


It will be a mixture of talks and workshops and we are looking forward to it!


We want to use the opportunity here and thank LMN for inviting us!

 August 15th 2016

Dejan's and Melissa's new paper about the role of object handling on object location and identity memory just got out in AP&P. In this real world study they used a mobile eye tracker to capture gaze behavior in a naturalistic setting. You can find the paper in the Publications tab.

May 13th 2016

Congrats to Sabine! She was awarded the competitive Congress Travel Grant to the VSS Annual Meeting in St. Pete, Florida  by the German Academic Exchange Service.

 March 26th 2016

The Scene Grammar Lab will be represented with 2 talks and 4 posters at VSS this year.

If you are interested in our work, visit the Presentations tab to have a look at our contributions and maybe stop by at our talks and posters at St. Pete.

February 21th 2016

A big thank you to the multitude of interested people at the ICNF organised public lecture.

Very nice to see so many people from different backgrounds and all age groups.

We appreciate that there is a strong public interest in our work! 


 January 26th 2016

We were extremely happy to welcome a very motivated group of high school students from the START Stiftung today! We hope they come back soon to ask even more great questions in Melissa's lecture and to try out the new eye trackers! Here you can find  more pictures from today!

October 20th 2015

We are back from a fascinating, yet exhausting ECEM 2015! The SGL was represented with 3 talks and 2 posters, so check out our contributions in the Presentation tab! 

 August 21st 2015

Congratulations to all students for their intriguing posters and engaging presentations in todays "end of the year" poster session! Special congratulations of course go to the SGL Poster Prize winners: "A Relevant Manipulation You Will Remember: the impact of task relevance and object manipulation on memory" (Fann, Jockweg, Polzer, Seidel, Stänicke & Draschkow) !

 July 7th 2015

What a day!

It has been exactly one year since the SGL came into life and coincidentially we are happy to announce that Melissa just received the YAVIS - teaching prize of the Psychological faculty!

This prize is awarded by all active students of the department an honours the best lecturer of 2015. We wish to thank all students for the motivation and enthusiasm they demonstrated throughout the year, as well as for the valuable feedback we received!

It was so much fun teaching the lectures and seminars and we hope that we can improve on it next year :)

 July 1st 2015

The Scene Grammar Lab finally opens its doors to the new website!


Here you will find who we are, what we do, and why we love doin' it!


 April 8th 2015