Empirisch-experimentelles Praktikum (EXPRA)

In EXPRA, you will learn how to conduct a scientific study and how to communicate it – via poster and research report.

During the first sessions, you will learn everything about scientific practices, refresh some knowledge of statistics and even get an introduction into the programming language R.

Afterwards, you will work in small groups together with each of your dedicated tutors on completely novel and highly relevant research questions. The projects will require your creative input, critical thinking and dedication to see the light of day. 

Usually we use psychophysics and eye-tracking (mobile or stationary) during EXPRA, but sometimes VR and EEG are also in the mix. 

We always end our EXPRA with a big poster session where you can tell actual reviewers about your projects (this is for fun, not grades).

No EXPRA is like the last one, because the projects are always completely new and strongly shaped by the students and burning research questions. So ask students from former years about their experience, but don’t forget – new year, new luck!