Eye-Tracking Lab


This lab as well as our EEG-ET lab are equipped with desktop mounted EyeLink 1000 eye-trackers. 

EEG-Eye-Tracking Lab


In addition to the EyeLink 1000 our EEG-Eye-Tracking Lab also houses a 64-channel Brain Products EEG system that we use for combined EEG-ET recordings.

Virtual Reality Lab


If we want to investigate well-controlled naturalistic behaviour. we use our HTC Vive with Eye-Tracking  in our Virtual Reality Lab.

Mobile Eye-Tracking


For real-world investigations, we use this nice pair of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses. We are training hard to take them out for a real-world climbing trip sometime soon.


For the rare instances that we don't track eye-movements, the institute provides shared psychophysics setups. But we also have setups ready in the open lab space, which tend to be used for data analysis, 3D renderings, etc.