Vision Science Society May 18-23 2018 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)

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Tim Cornelissen, Jona Sassenhagen, &Melissa L .-H . Võ: Free-viewing fixation related EEG-potentials with continuous-time regression. >>abstract>>

Dejan Draschkow, Edvard Heikel, Melissa L.-H. Võ, Christian Fiebach & Jona Sassenhagen: Investigating the temporal dynamics of object-scene integration using MVPA: The role of the N300/N400 complex in object perception. >>abstract>>


Tim Lauer, Verena Willenbockel, Julia I. Kunz, & Melissa L.-H. Vo: Contextual effects of coarse global scene properties on object processing >>abstract>>


Caroline D Seidel, Dejan Draschkow &Melissa L.-H. Vo: Cued by the bzzzzzzzz? The influence of object sounds on visual search and memory performance. >>abstract>>


Melissa L.-H. Vo, Sage Boettcher & Dejan Draschkow: Anchoring spatial predictions in real-world scenes: Hierarchical relationships of objects predict single trial search performance. >>abstract>>




Vision Science Society 19.-24.05.2017 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)

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Sage Boettcher & Melissa L.-H. Vo: Anchoring spatial predictions: Evidence for the critical role of anchor objects for visual search in scences. >>abstract>>


Tim Cornelissen, Kenneth Holmqvist, & Melissa Vo: I couldn't help but notice: Irrelevant object-scene inconsistencies influence search for highly visible gabor patches. (poster) >>abstract>>


Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Vo: Building the unexpected: scene grammar shapes the way we interact with objects, strengthens spatial representations, and speed search. >>check out time schedule>>


Sabine Öhlschläger & Melissa L.-H. VoThe milk in the bathroom strikes again: ERP evidence for the processing of semantic object-scene inconsistencies in early development. >>check out time schedule>>


Verena Willenbockel, Frédéric Gosselin & Melissa L.-H. VoSpatial frequency tuning for indoor scene categorization >>abstract>>


Tim Lauer, Verena Willenbockel & Melissa L.-H. VoDo inverted scences modulate semantic object processing? Behavioral and electrophysiological insights. >>check out time schedule>>

19th European Conference on Eye Movements August 20th-24th 
Bergische Universität Wuppertal


Dejan Draschkow: The influence of contextual rules on object interactions and spatial representaions: a virtual reality investigation. (symposium moderator) 


Tim Cornelissen, Jona Sassenhagen, Dejan Draschkow, & Melissa Võ. Considering rather than restricting eye movement characteristics in Fixation Related Potentials: an application of the rERP framework.

Vision Science Society 13.-18.05.2016 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)

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Sage Boettcher & Melissa Vo: Anchoring predictions in scenes: Electrophysiological evidence for a hierarchical structure in scenes. >>abstract>>


Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VoOf "What" and "Where" in a natural search task: Active object handling supports object location memory beyond the objects' identity. >>abstract>>


Peer Herholz, Verena Schuster, Melissa Vo & Andreas JansenA song of scenes & sentences: signatures of shared cortical resources between visual perception and language revealed by representational similarity analysis.


Sabine Oehlschlaeger & Melissa VoDid you see the milk in the bathroom? The developmental trajectory of eye movement control by scene semantics in preschoolers. >>abstract>>


Tim Lauer, Tim Cornelissen & Melissa Vo: Semantic inconsistencies without semantics? Semantically inconsistent objects elicit N400 responses on both real-world and apparently meaningless synthesised scenes. >>abstract>>


Tim Cornelissen & Melissa Vo: Stuck on semantics: Irrelevant object-scene inconsistencies modulate ongoing eye movement behavior during letter search. 

Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VoCollecting memories: the impact of active object handling on recall and search times  >>abstract>>

European Conference on Eye Movements  16.-21.08.2015  (Vienna, Austria)  

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Melissa Vo & Jeremy Wolfe: Let me tell you where you looked! How much do people know about their own fixations?

Tim Cornelissen & Melissa VoStuck on semantics: Automatic processing of object-scene incongruities modulates ongoing gaze behavior. 

Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VoDo it yourself! Active object handling leads to faster search times.

Sabine Oehlschlaeger & Melissa VoFind the fork in the bedroom! Contextual cueing for semantic intruders.

Sage Boettcher & Melissa VoWorth a look: The effects of irrelevant rewarding stimuli on eye movements.

Vision Science Society 15.-20.05.2015 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)

Melissa Vo, Tim Cornelissen, Sabine Oehlschlaeger: When scenes and words collide: Irrelevant background scenes modulate neural responses during lexical decision >>abstract>>