Vision Sciences Society May 17th – 22nd 2024 (TradeWinds Resorts, St. Pete Beach, Florida) >>program>>


David, E. & Võ, M. L.-H.: SPHEER: a rich dataset of time-resolved gaze and head movements in virtual reality [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Time-resolved brain activation patterns reveal hierarchical representations of scene grammar when viewing isolated objects [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Markov, Y., Võ, M. L.-H., & Wolfe, J.: VowelWorld 2.0: Using artificial scenes to study semantic and syntactic scene guidance [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Lexical Access to Scene Function Relies on Anchor Object Presence [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Nicholls, V., Philippi, K. K., Abdelrahman, M., Ackermann, J., Schulze, F., & Võ, M. L.-H.:  The impact of semantic descriptions on learning object-to-object relationships in a scene [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Türk, D. D., Bahn, D., Kauschke, C., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Tracking the Developmental Trajectories of Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Visual Cognition in Children [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Vingron, N., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Language experience may modulate attentional disengagement to scene grammar inconsistencies during free-viewing [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Võ, M. L.-H., & Kallmayer, A.: Combining Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) with behavior and brain recordings to study scene understanding [Symposium Presentation]. >>abstract>>

Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen March 17th – 20th 2024 (Regensburg, Germany) >>program>>


Bolz, Z. C. T., Vingron, N., & Võ, M. L.-H.: The effects of bilingual cross language activation on visual object search [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Sticking together – hierarchical relationships between objects in scenes are reflected in neural activation patterns across time [Talk]. >>abstract>>


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Object presence informs scene affordance estimations [Poster].


Rothenberg, E. S., Kallmayer, A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Võ, M. L.-H.: More is not always better: Temporal neural signatures of object-driven versus scene-driven human scene categorization [Poster].  >>abstract>>


Türk, D. D., Bahn, D., Kauschke, C., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Unraveling the link between language and scene knowledge in children [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Võ, M. L.-H, Müller Karoza, L. A., Kallmayer, A., & David, E..: How actions structure objects in scenes and in our minds [Talk].


Wiesmann, S. L., Oftring, C. A., & Võ, M. L.-H.: The effect of stimulus resolution and object content on human scene categorization [Poster]. >>abstract>>

Rovereto Attention Workshop October 26th - 29th 2023 (Rovereto, Italy) >>program>>


Bolz, Z. C. T., Vingron, N., Võ, M. L.-H.: The effects of bilingual cross language activation on visual object search. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.Investigating the hierarchical structure of task dependent object representations by tracking neural responses unfolding over time. >>abstract>>


Schnellen, R., Vingron, N., Võ, M. L.-H.How individual differences in language experience impact attentional control in visual processing [Poster]. >>abstract>>


Temps, M.O., Wiebers, E., Spur, M., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Scene Grammar Acquisition Through Visual Statistical Learning. >>abstract>>


Vingron, N., Võ, M. L.-H.: A day at the museum: Increasing engagement with art through audio-guided visual search. 


Zacharias, L., Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.The temporal dynamics of hierarchical object relationships. >>abstract>>

45th European Conference on Visual Perception August 27th - 31st 2023 (Paphos, Cyprus) >>program>>


Mader, J. N., David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Out of sight: The Impact of Hidden Objects on Visual Search in 3D Scenes. >>abstract>> >>further resources>>


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Lexical Access to Function Understanding is Influenced by the Objects Utilized for an Action.


Türk, D. D., Bahn, D., Kauschke, C., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Investigating the Link between Language and Scene Knowledge: Insights from Eye Movements in Children with and without Developmental Language Disorder. >>abstract>>

Vision Science Society May 19th - 24th 2023 (St. Pete Beach, Florida) >>program>>

David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Dynamics of gaze and body while viewing omnidirectional stimuli. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.: How real can they get? Investigating neural responses to GAN generated scenes. >>abstract>>

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs) September 10th - 15th 2022 (Hildesheim, Germany) >>program>>


Beitner, J., Draschkow, D., Helbing, J., David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Unleashing visual search: Using virtual reality to understand the interplay of attention and memory. >>abstract>>

44th European Conference on Visual Perception August 28th - September 1st 2022 (Nijmegen, Netherlands) >>program>>


David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Visual seach in 3D-modelled rooms: comparing results from the same protocol run in VR and on 2D screens. >>abstract>> [conference talk]


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Vo, M. L.-H.: The Impact of Anchor Objects on Scene Affordance. >>abstract>>

Vision Science Society May 13th - 18th 2022 (St. Pete Beach, Florida) >>program>>


David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: Searching for hidden objects in 3D environments. >>abstract>>


Wiesmann, S. L., & Vo, M. L.-H.: Is one object enough? Diagnosticity of single objects for fast scene categorization. >>abstract>>

Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen March 20th - 23rd 2022 (virtual) >>program>>


David, E., & Võ, M. L.-H.: The importance of relational spatial information for scene classification. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M. L.-H.: What’s in a scene? Investigating generated scene information at different visual processing stages. >>abstract>>


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Vo, M. L.-H.: The Impact of Anchor Objects on Scene Affordance. >>abstract>>


Wiesmann, S. L., & Vo, M. L.-H.: What Makes a Scene? The Contribution of Global Scene Information to Fast Scene Categorization. >>abstract>>


Zacharias, L., Võ, M. L.-H., David, E., Kallmayer, A. & Drew, T.: Searching While Loaded 2.0: Investigating the effect of loading VWM on hybrid search performance. >>abstract>>

43rd European Conference on Visual Perception August 22nd - 27th 2021 (virtual) >>program>


David, E., Lebranchu, P., Võ, M. L.-H.: Looking while loaded: Differences in oculo-motor tendencies during three common visual tasks might be based on varying degrees of cognitive load. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., & Võ, M.: Hierarchies in scenes – the role of object functions in shaping semantic networks. >>abstract>>


Müller Karoza, L. A., Wiesmann, S. L., & Vo, M. L.-H.: The Importance of Anchor Objects for Scene Affordance. >>abstract>>

Vision Science Society May 21st - 26th 2021 (virtual) >>program>>


Beitner, J., Helbing, J., Draschkow, D., & Võ, M.L.-H.: Scene grammar guidance affects both visual search and incidental object memory. >>abstract>>

Vision Science Society June 19th - 24th 2020 (virtual) >>program>>


Beitner, J., Helbing, J., Draschkow, D., & Võ, M.L.-H.: Investigating the activation of scene grammar for efficient search in virtual reality. >>abstract>>


David, E., Beitner, J., & Võ, M. L.-H.: The role of central and peripheral vision for search in VR environments. >>abstract>>


Kallmayer, A., Prince, J., & Konkle, T.: Comparing representations that support object, scene, and face recognition using representational trajectory analysis. >>abstract>>


Wang, R., Janini, D., Kallmayer, A., & Konkle, T.: Mid-level feature differences support early EEG-decoding of animacy and object size distinctions. >>abstract>>

42nd European Conference on Visual Perception August 25th - 29th 2019 (Leuven, Belgium) >>program>>


Beitner, J., Helbing, J., Draschkow, D., & Võ, M.L.-H.: No difference in object memory after searching dynamic 3D and VR environments. >>abstract>>

Vision Science Society May 17th - 22nd 2019 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)


Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Generating reliable visual long-term memory representations for free: Incidental learning during natural behavior. >>abstract>>

Melissa L.-H. Võ: Visual Search goes real: The challenges of going from the lab to (virtual) reality. >>abstract>>


Caroline Seidel, Sage E.P. Boettcher, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: How does the bzzzzzzzzzzzz influence search? - The effects of sound on memory and visual search. >>abstract>>

Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen April 15th - 17th 2019 (London, England)

Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Incidental learning during natural tasks creates reliable long-term memory representations which proactively guide behavior.

41st European Conference on Visual Perception August 26th - 30th 2018 (Trieste, Italy) >>program>>


Lisa Voelker, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. VõSearching for meaning: Using pseudoword cues to investigate the formation of new object-word-connections in Virtual Reality.


Dejan Draschkow, Edvard Heikel, Melissa L.-H. Võ, Christian Fiebach & Jona Sassenhagen: Semantic processing in scenes and sentences: Investigating shared neural patterns using MVPA.


Aylin Kallmayer, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Investigating viewpoint dependence in object recognition using depth rotated 3D models in a sequential matching task.


Saliha Reinecke, Dejan Draschkow, Sage E. P. Boettcher & Melissa L.-H. Võ: The impact of semantical relations on template activation.


Leah Kumle, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: May the power be with you: Pilot data based simulations for estimating power in mixed models.


Sandro Wiesmann, Verena Willenbockel, Frédéric Gosselin & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Spatial frequency tuning for scene categorization: The role of scene type and categorization level.


Dario Stänicke, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.H. VõAll beginnings are difficult: Repeated search through Virtual Reality Environments.


Jason Helbing, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Searching beats memorizing in creating memory representations for objects in realistic virtual environments.


Melissa Võ, Sage Boettcher & Dejan Draschkow: Anchor objects predict search performance in real-world scenes.

Vision Science Society May 18th - 23rd 2018 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)


Tim Cornelissen, Jona Sassenhagen, & Melissa L .-H . VõFree-viewing fixation related EEG-potentials with continuous-time regression. https://doi.org/10.1167/18.10.198


Dejan Draschkow, Edvard Heikel, Melissa L.-H. Võ, Christian Fiebach & Jona Sassenhagen: Investigating the temporal dynamics of object-scene integration using MVPA: The role of the N300/N400 complex in object perception. https://doi.org/10.1167/18.10.734


Tim Lauer, Verena Willenbockel, Julia I. Kunz, & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Contextual effects of coarse global scene properties on object processing https://doi.org/10.1167/18.10.380

Caroline D Seidel, Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Cued by the bzzzzzzzz? The influence of object sounds on visual search and memory performance. https://doi.org/10.1167/18.10.814


Melissa L.-H. Võ, Sage Boettcher & Dejan Draschkow: Anchoring spatial predictions in real-world scenes: Hierarchical relationships of objects predict single trial search performance. https://doi.org/10.1167/18.10.382

Vision Science Society  May 19th - 24th 2017 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)


Sage Boettcher & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Anchoring spatial predictions: Evidence for the critical role of anchor objects for visual search in scences. >>abstract>>


Tim Cornelissen, Kenneth Holmqvist, & Melissa L.-H. VõI couldn't help but notice: Irrelevant object-scene inconsistencies influence search for highly visible gabor patches. (poster) >>abstract>>


Dejan Draschkow & Melissa L.-H. Võ: Building the unexpected: scene grammar shapes the way we interact with objects, strengthens spatial representations, and speed search. >>check out time schedule>>


Sabine Öhlschläger & Melissa L.-H. VõThe milk in the bathroom strikes again: ERP evidence for the processing of semantic object-scene inconsistencies in early development. >>check out time schedule>>


Verena Willenbockel, Frédéric Gosselin & Melissa L.-H. VõSpatial frequency tuning for indoor scene categorization >>abstract>>


Tim Lauer, Verena Willenbockel & Melissa L.-H. VõDo inverted scences modulate semantic object processing? Behavioral and electrophysiological insights. >>check out time schedule>>

19th European Conference on Eye Movements August 20th - 24th 2016
(Bergische Universität Wuppertal) >>program>>

Dejan Draschkow: The influence of contextual rules on object interactions and spatial representations: a virtual reality investigation. (symposium moderator) 


Tim Cornelissen, Jona Sassenhagen, Dejan Draschkow, & Melissa Võ. Considering rather than restricting eye movement characteristics in Fixation Related Potentials: an application of the rERP framework.

Vision Science Society May 13th - 18th 2016 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)


Sage Boettcher & Melissa VõAnchoring predictions in scenes: Electrophysiological evidence for a hierarchical structure in scenes. >>abstract>>


Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VõOf "What" and "Where" in a natural search task: Active object handling supports object location memory beyond the objects' identity. >>abstract>>


Peer Herholz, Verena Schuster, Melissa Võ & Andreas JansenA song of scenes & sentences: signatures of shared cortical resources between visual perception and language revealed by representational similarity analysis.


Sabine Oehlschlaeger & Melissa VõDid you see the milk in the bathroom? The developmental trajectory of eye movement control by scene semantics in preschoolers. >>abstract>>


Tim Lauer, Tim Cornelissen & Melissa Võ: Semantic inconsistencies without semantics? Semantically inconsistent objects elicit N400 responses on both real-world and apparently meaningless synthesised scenes. >>abstract>>


Tim Cornelissen & Melissa Võ: Stuck on semantics: Irrelevant object-scene inconsistencies modulate ongoing eye movement behavior during letter search. 

Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VõCollecting memories: the impact of active object handling on recall and search times  >>abstract>>

18th European Conference on Eye Movements  August 16th - 21st 2015  (Vienna, Austria)

Melissa Võ & Jeremy Wolfe: Let me tell you where you looked! How much do people know about their own fixations?


Tim Cornelissen & Melissa VõStuck on semantics: Automatic processing of object-scene incongruities modulates ongoing gaze behavior. 

Dejan Draschkow & Melissa VõDo it yourself! Active object handling leads to faster search times.

Sabine Oehlschlaeger & Melissa VoFind the fork in the bedroom! Contextual cueing for semantic intruders.

Sage Boettcher & Melissa VõWorth a look: The effects of irrelevant rewarding stimuli on eye movements.

Vision Science Society May 15th - 20th 2015 (St. Pete Beach, Florida)

Melissa Võ, Tim Cornelissen & Sabine Oehlschlaeger: When scenes and words collide: Irrelevant background scenes modulate neural responses during lexical decision >>abstract>>