From 0 to 1: an advanced workshop on experimental, statistical and programming methods in cognitive psychology

A unique characteristic of psychology students is their knowledge of experimental methods and statistics. Python and R are the tools of choice for many cognitive scientists, as they enable us to create our own experiments and analyze our data. The first steps with those tools are usually hard and dry, which leads to much frustration among students.


Within the friendly environment of Haus Bergkranz and the beautiful scenery of the Kleinwalsertal we aim to shed more light onto the realm of cognitive psychology. With an engaging, but challenging curriculum we will learn how to create experiments, solve the mysteries in our data sets and develop the appropriate paradigm for our research question.


Research is not a 9 to 5 job and Learning is not something that can wait until the next day. The goal of this 4 day seminar is to use the time at Haus Bergkranz to the fullest extent. With intriguing challenges, hikes in nature and challenging riddles we will try to equip you with a solid basis in the experimental, statistical and programming methods of cognitive psychology.

quotes from participants Feedback:

"I learned a lot because we had 4 really intensive days of practice with the different programs. Best course of my studies so far. I loved the way they tried to give us an understanding of how to program an experiment ourselves. I highly recommend to take place in this seminar, because I never learned that much in 4 days."


"Good group atmosphere, great location, fun! We could do an experiment that we actually are interested in, good balance between free time and real work/learning."


"Good surrounding for learning outside of the University. Always got feedback and help. Could reflect the learning process very well! Learning of completely different Methods that are very helpful for psychology students, the lecturer presented very well!"


"Great learning atmosphere and timing of the learning blocks. The work in groups helped and motivated a lot."


"Its awesome. Its a lot of work to do but it is always clear why you have to do something. The time schedule was very helpful."


"The seminar is well structured and prepared. Tasks are challenging and ask for active participation. The seminar also offers an inside into real scientific work and has confirmed my decision to work in research after I completed my studies."


"Very good explanations, good didactical methods, problems of other seminars are avoided, not boring, you can work on your own and really, really learn something. The atmosphere is great and productive."


"We learn absolute relevant skills in this seminar. It's great to have this opportunity. Being far away from home helped me concentrating on what we are doing. Getting to know each other better by spending much time in group improved the atmosphere in comparison to normal seminars in frankfurt."


"You get out of the normal university setting, learn what you need to do know for statistical analysis, how you program your own experiment. Its a lot of work but it is time well spend."


"...think that the concept of the seminar and how it is practiced is above high standard!! Very good presentation of every issue; working on your own/ in your group actively; using the possibilities of Haus Bergkranz; getting into scientific work; motivated and interested group (students and teachers); diversity!!! Everything was very unique!!!"