Estimating Power in linear mixed models

This tutorial helps researchers to navigate sound research design when using mixed-effects models, by summarizing resources, collating available knowledge, providing solutions and tools, and applying them to real-world problems in sample sizing planning when sophisticated analysis procedures like mixed-effects models are outlined as inferential procedures.


Further, our R package mixedpower uses pilot data and a linear mixed model fitted with lme4 to simulate new data sets. Power is computed separately for every effect in the model output as the relation of significant simulations to all simulations. More conservative simulations as a protection against a bias in the pilot data are available as well as methods for plotting the results. Read all about mixedpower here


Kumle, L., Võ, M. L., & Draschkow, D. (2021). Estimating power in (generalized) linear mixed models: an open introduction and tutorial in R. Behavior Research Methods, 53(6), 2528-2543.

doi:10.3758/s13428-021-01546-0 pdf